Friday, December 21, 2007

Find Your Cat at Night

Having trouble tracking down your cat in the wee hours of the morning. We may have a solution in sight.

Scientists in South Korea have genetically manipulated a cloned cat so that it will glow in the dark.

Too bad they didn't get it out for Halloween, but there's always next year.

But you may need a cat with superpowers soon. Other scientists in Japan (and how 'bout them Asian scientists? They sure do have a lot of time on their hands) have created mice that are not afraid of cats.

This is either good for the cats, or very bad news if the mice get organized.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Dangers for Pets

December probably means you've got a lot of things in your house that normally aren't there. Such things as:

* a pine tree in the middle of your living room

* bizarre cooking ingredients like yeast and acorns

* the same relatives that made you move to Arizona in the first place

With these new and unusual items come dangers that you might not have realized. Here's a few holiday specific things that can pose a danger to your cats and the symptoms that may indicate they ingested something more than kibble.

Yeast Dough
- drunken appearance, abdominal pain, respiratory depression, cardiac arrest

Macadamia Nuts
-weakness, vomiting, lack of coordination, tremors

-vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures

Liquid Potpourris
-oral and esophageal burns

-injury to the mouth or gastrointestinal tract

-corrosive injury to the mouth or gastrointestinal tract

Poinsettia Plant
-mild gastrointestinal upset

Christmas Cactus
-gastrointestinal upset

-gastrointestinal upset, lowered blood pressure, cardiovascular collapse

American Holly
-gastrointestinal upset, depression

-gastrointestinal upset, foreign body obstruction, kidney failure

Human Cough, Cold, or Flu Medicines
-may affect one or more body systems, life-threatening conditions possible

Ice Melt Products
-vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation

-vomiting, drunken appearance, excessive drinking and urinating, seizures, kidney failure

Your Relatives
-kvetching, threats to run away, mocking laughter, repeated use of the phrase "so glad I'm not human"

Happy Holidays, everyone. Keep those cats safe.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Autumn Client Seminar

Our first ever Client Seminar was held this past Thursday. Thanks to all who came out to learn about feline dental health. We had a nice discussion--with graphic photos and gleaming instruments--about all the horrible things that can happen to a cat's teeth. Then we had cupcakes and cookies. It seemed the right thing to do.

Clients saw our dental x-ray machine in action, learned how and why to brush your cat's teeth, and were entertained by a young three year old who demonstrated the many different ways folding chairs can be rearranged.

Our next seminar will be in mid-winter (or whatever this season is we have in Scottsdale). We will focus on the care of senior cats.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your Cat's Teeth

If you are like most owners, you probably haven’t given much thought to your cat’s teeth. But like us, their teeth need care and regular check-ups.

Good oral health care can increase your cat’s life. Gingivitis and dental lesions can, of course, cause pain and discomfort for your cat, but it’s not just your cat’s teeth that are at risk. Inflammation and infection of the gums can lead to heart, kidney, and liver problems as bacteria and toxins travel through the bloodstream and to your cat’s organs. 70% of cats have gum disease by the time they are three years old.

Come learn how you can improve your cat’s life through proper dental health at the next Scottsdale Cat Clinic seminar. We will explain the procedure used for a proper professional cleaning, from x-rays to scaling and polishing of the teeth to application of a sealant. We will also discuss the procedures used to ensure your cat’s safety while under anesthesia, including blood work, intravenous fluids, constant monitoring, and pain relief administration.

Finally, we’ll discuss what you can do at home to keep your cat’s teeth healthy. Home care is vital to maintaining your cat’s oral and overall health. You will learn about the various methods and products available to keeping your cat’s teeth clean on a daily basis.

The seminar will be held at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic on Thursday, November 29th,6:30pm. Please bring along any friends or family who are interested. Light refreshments will be served.

This is the first of a quarterly series of client seminars at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic. Our seminars are a chance for you to learn more about the health care options for your cat as well as to meet the Scottsdale Cat Clinic staff on a more informal basis. We hope to see you soon.

Meet Your Match

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has developed a new way of matching up pets with prospective owners. The new program, called Meet Your Match, tries to match personalities of the cats with personalities of the adopters. Cats are color coded green, orange or purple depending on their tendency to adapt quickly, lavish affection on owners, or need time for adjustment.

The program further categorizes (their's a pun in their somewhere) the animals with names like the Party Animal, the Sidekick and the Secret Admirer.

We're not sure if any local shelters are yet using the program, but you might ask if you are looking for a new cat. You can always take a look at the ASPCA's personality types and see if the shelter can help you find the cat that best fits you. In the long run, it's better than just going for the one that matches the furniture.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Autumn Memorial Service

The Scottsdale Cat Clinic remembered all our friends that passed through our doors and were laid to rest. We had a small service, with a candle lighting and brief memorial poem. We remembered Abby and Haley, our own cats, and read the names of all the other cats that were our patients. Godspeed little ones.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Memorial Service, November 8th

The Scottsdale Cat Clinic will be having a Memorial Service to honor all of the cats that we have lost from our lives. We wish to remember our patients who have passed on in our first several months of the clinic opening. However, we also welcome all cat lovers who wish to remember any of their dear departed cat family. During the service there will be an opportunity for each person to relate a short story or feature about their cat. Please bring a picture of your cat if you wish to add to our collage of honored cats.

The service will be 6:30pm, Thursday, November 8th at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic. Light refreshments will be offered after the service.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Newsletter Archives

We just sent out our first clinic newsletter. We're very excited about it, of course. If only because we'd been talking about it since before we opened. In this first issue, you can learn about the HomeAgain microchip for your cat, why it's so important for your cat to have semi-annual exams, and preview our first ever Client Seminar where we will discuss your cat's dental health.

There's also a nice story about two cats and their unusual adoption and some updates about the clinic.

Try us out and sign up for the newsletter.

Is this how your cat wakes you up?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Margie is the clinic's quiet cat. Chances are you'll never see her. While Jasper will occasionally make a daring run through the reception area, Margie almost exclusively roams Dr. Karnia's office. Her universe consists of her bed, litter box, Dr. Karnia's chair or, more preferably, Dr. Karnia's lap. She's an older calico, distrustful of Jasper's wild ways, and dismissive of most of what we call living. She's pared her life down to the necessities--eating, sleeping and the occasional petting. Mess with these, and she's sure to remind you of your place.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Cat in Art

We now have new artwork on our walls courtesy of the talented Jamie Lyn Allen: painter and cat lover. The individual pieces are for sale. In addition, Jamie can take your cat's image and immortalize your pet in art. Throw out those cliche Monets, dump those predictable Picassos. If you love your cat, put him or her in the pantheon of great art.

Jamie can be contacted at

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on CatBlogging

For more on cat blogging, check out The New York Times and their explanation of the phenomenon.

Cat Blogging

We bumped across this post on catblogging at Small Biz Trends. While I'm not so sure that what we are doing constitutes cat blogging, we certainly have no qualms about posting pictures of our cats. Our resident cats are Jasper and Margie, whom we picked up via Kitty S.O.S.

Jasper is the more outgoing of the two, although as a client, you'll likely never see him. Both he and Margie keep to the back side of the clinic, hanging out in the office and sometimes the lounge. But Jasper has been known to creep out to the front until someone notices him--then he darts back into the office. His favorite game is to distract the techs and then sneak into the x-ray room and hide under the machines. When we first moved in, this backfired on Jasper and he spent a whole afternoon trapped in the x-ray room. We didn't find him until it was time to close up.

Margie is the quiet queen of the clinic. Rarely does she come down from her throne during the daytime. She quietly sleeps away in her loft, looking out on Miller Rd, nodding as various people pass in and out of the office. One would think she stays in her loft 24 hours a day, but we find tell-tale fur throughout the office in the mornings.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Help Wanted

We are expanding rapidly. Although we expected to hire a technician within a few months after opening, we didn't anticipate needing one so soon. This is good news, of course, for it means that you, our clients, are excited and pleased with the clinic. It also means we now have to search for a new employee. So if you know anyone the field, get in a resume, stop by the clinic, let us know about you.


Full-time veterinary technician needed for rapidly expanding all-cat clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We practice high-quality medicine including laser surgery and digital dental x-ray. We are looking for a technician with excellent communication skills and the desire to learn. We are committed to providing excellent care for our patients and providing an exceptional work environment for our employees. Benefits include health insurance, vacation and sick pay, continuing education, discount veterinary services.

Duties will include customer relations, assistance with surgery and treatment, patient care, some inventory management, and general upkeep of the clinic. Working hours will include Saturday mornings and boarding care on some Sundays and holidays.

Ideal candidate will have experience and demonstrated ability to handle cats.

Work in Downtown Scottsdale and be within walking distance of the Civic Center, Library, Old Town and the Arts District.

Please mail your resume to:
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
4002 N. Miller Rd, ste 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Or fax your resume to 480-970-5905

Or email your resume to: info _at_ scottsdalecatclinic _dot_ com

Our Mission Statement

We will provide our patients with high quality diagnosis and treatment.
We will give them a caring low-stress environment.
We have a dedication to continuing education of our staff.

We respect their time and emotions.
We charge a fair price that enables clinic to provide good service and medicine.

Our employees will feel empowered and qualified to provide good medicine and service.
They will receive pay and benefits to enable a good quality of life.
We will be honest caring and good-humored with each other and with our clients and associates.

We will assist in adoption of cats.
We will minimize impact on environment.
We will contribute to the local small business community.
We will raise awareness of proper home care and veterinary care of cats.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

AZ Central

Of course sooner or later the media would take note of us. How could they resist such a warm, fuzzy story?

We are featured in the Scottsdale Republic section of the Arizona Republic. You can go here to see a short slide show and article at

UPDATE: Well, we're no longer the piece du jour at the Republic, but go ahead and click on the link anyway. Maybe you'll find something interesting about the Phoenix Metro area.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Tainted Pet Food

Investigators are getting closer to unravelling the events that lead to the recent pet food contamination.

The exporter of a contaminated pet food ingredient blamed for the deaths of dogs and cats in the United States may have avoided Chinese export inspections by labeling it a nonfood product, a U.S. government report says.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Little Rock

Because we want to know, we were noting the cities of the various visitors to our website. Obviously we are hoping that the Valley of the Sun is hearing about us and checking us out. Happily, that is the case. Lots of visitors are showing up from Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and the other cities. (Scary what you can find out on the web, ain't it?)

And there are the widespread cities whose visitors are easily explained. Relatives in Louisville and Chicago, friends in Spokane and New Hampshire. When we get a hit from Daytona Beach, we can narrow it down to one of two individuals.

Then there's Little Rock. Nobody in the Scottsdale Cat Clinic workforce has ever been to Little Rock. No one we know lives or works in Little Rock. And yet, somebody with a computer in Little Rock has visited our site five times in the last week. I doubt it's going to happen, but I'm imagining a semi-famous member of the Walton clan pilots her private jet into the Scottsdale airport, directs her limo driver downtown, and brings her diabetic domestic short hair in for a quick check-up and a hefty tip.

It could happen.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Reception, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

As you can see from the following series of pictures, we are very close to full strength at the clinic. That healthy gap between postings was filled with computer training, stocking, cleaning, and building lots and lots of furniture. May the gods smile on you, Ikea.

When you arrive at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we hope you feel as welcomed as if you were arriving at a close friend's home. Bringing your cat to the veterinarian shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be a ritual, a visitation, a chance for renewal. Maybe it can't be all those things, but it should be rewarding and special. Under the best of circumstances, you might only see us a couple of times a year. We want those moments to be memorable for you as well as productive for your cat.

Reception and consultation

Reception and consultation, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

Here you can see the northern half of the reception room, complete with food displays and the children's play area. With the youngest member of the Scottsdale Cat Clinic team still under three, you can see where our sympathies are. We've dealt with the impatient toddler enough to know that even a small gesture helps immensely. We want our clients to feel comfortable bringing their children to our clinic. Going to the vet can be scary for everyone, not just the felines. Sometimes it's nice to have as many friends and relatives as possible.

Through the door on the right is the consultation room. Here you can discuss with Dr. Karnia the various options when your pet has more serious concerns. Exam rooms are built for efficiency. This room is built for thought and reflection.

Pharmacy and treatment area

Pharmacy and treatment area, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

More and more, medicine is becoming dominated by chemistry. You probably know this in your own home. Likely you or someone you know has some regular relationship with a pharmacy. Heck, they even made a whole new division of Medicare for this, and when the government gets involved, you know the trend is here to stay.

Things are no different in the animal world. We've invested a substantial amount of our funds in building up our lab and stocking our pharmacy. In this photo, you see our pharmacy and laboratory. That little bottle of alcohol on the counter: purely for medicinal purposes. Really.

Past this, on the left, you can see our digital dental x-ray machine. One of our most expensive pieces of equipment, the machine fills a gap too often overlooked in many veterinary practices. Many things can go wrong for a cat when their teeth start to go. Having a digital dental x-ray machine allows us to catch problems much earlier as well as providing more effective treatment. This machine, to put it simply, allows us to see the issue much more clearly. As a result, we can be more precise in our treatment of your pet.

Boarding in comfort

Boarding in comfort, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

And for the guests of honor, exceptional accomodations. This is a photo of our boarding suite, currently filled with two of our first boarders. In addition to this luxurious suite, we also have traditional boarding cages, some with views of the comings and goings of our clinic, and some shielded from prying eyes for those shy kitties.

No one likes to be away from their pet, but sometimes we have to be gone for a few days. During those times, you can take comfort in knowing your cat is under the care of a veterinarian, in the comfort of clinic where no dogs will spook or startle your pet. No one knows your cat as well as you do, but your veterinarian certainly comes close.

While your cats are boarding with us, we can also perform some routine care for them. We can do teeth cleanings, give them vaccinations that they need, trim their nails, and take care of a variety of other procedures.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The cabinetry arrives and starts to go in.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Dr. Karnia has been spending lots and lots of time entering codes for procedures and drugs in our practice management software. Nightly she sits by the fire, the warm glow of the flames blending with the cool blue of the Macintosh screen, patiently entering numbers for saline solution, thyroidectimies, and lines and lines of other things I probably can't spell or even pronounce.

More boxes arrive at our house. Yesterday, we received a microscope, which prompted Dr. Karnia to call up a supplier to get some more stuff for said microscope.

Friday, March 2, 2007

One wall, two wall, bare wall, hued wall

While not as profound as the floor (see below) we are very thrilled with our walls. The lady has some clothes on now. She doesn't look quite so bare. Cabinetry starts going in over the weekend. Lots and lots of cabinetry. This wall will be covered in shelves and doors and little nooks and niches in which to put bits and pieces of amoxicillin and shots for rabies. (That sort of sounded like Dr. Suess, if he were a pharmacist.)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

From the Bottom Up

Perhaps these events are not as exciting to the average client as to the owner, but we feel a flush of passion when we see these newly stained floors. If the clinic up to now has been a charcoal sketch, it now has the first taste of color. We walked around on the newly tinted concrete, strangely satisfied to see these floors new again. The moment felt even more profound than when the walls first went vertical. This will be our foundation, the base from which all else happens. Our feet are now firmly planted in Scottsdale. We have our very own set of concrete shoes.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Time Away

We had what may be our last vacation before the storm hits. Knowing the full-frontal assault that is a new business, we scheduled two brief visits to see family in Chicago and Louisville. Now we are hunkered down, ready for the hordes of clients and patients to come our way. Our frequent flier miles are used up, the travel agent has been put on notice, we've tidied up all those loose family ends. Bring us your tired, your poor, your Fluffies and Mittens, yearning to be spayed.

Friday, February 16, 2007

All Hail the New Regime

Today is the first day that Dr. Karnia is a full-time employee of the Scottsdale Cat Clinic. Up until yesterday, she had still been working for her previous employer while planning and building our new clinic in her off hours. Well, she wasn't building it herself, despite all that experience she gained volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. But she was working into the wee night hours after her day job, ordering equipment, designing web pages, ordering more equipment, posting job ads, and ordering more and more equipment. Today, however, marks the first day when she can now run the clinic during normal business hours. We suspect that with all this new free time she may indeed grab a hammer (or perhaps a scalpel) and eagerly help the fine men and women covered in plaster dust and paint.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

If you love your cat, make sure he or she gets the best care possible.

Our Valentine's day plans were scrapped when the youngest member of the Cat Clinic team decided not to take a nap in the afternoon. The extensively planned craft day with stickers, glitter, paints and chocalates fell apart amidst the pleading and crying. Instead, we purchased new software. Cat Clinic customers can rest assured that you are under the finest administrative care that Microsoft and Intuit can offer.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The drywall is up and the clinic starts to look like a place where we could do business. Here you can see the treatment room and on the far side, the surgery. We ordered our sign yesterday, along with some "Coming Soon" banners to hang in the windows. If you are driving by Miller Rd, you should see them sometime next week.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


We created our first Scottsdale Cat Clinic T-shirts. Now everything we do while wearing these shirts counts as a business expense...right?

You may see us wandering the streets of Scottsdale with these sharp new outfits. Please feel free to ask us about the clinic or tell us about your cat. And hey, if you can't resist the cool threads, go ahead and buy one for you...your loved ones...everyone else you know. Consider buying a few thousand and donating them to the local school district.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Insulation goes in

This view is of the reception area as the insulation goes up. We can't have the kitties getting too warm or too cold.

Here is a shot of the boarding room...

Monday, February 5, 2007

Laundry List

We spend a lot of our days running through a long check list of things to be... well, checked off. Dr. Karnia, still working for another clinic, leaves each morning with a list of things we have to do before she returns. Here's a typical example from today.

--Call about the progress on the outdoor sign
--Check with the post office about mail forwarding snafu
--Deliver a copy of the lease to the accountant
--Follow up on the yellow page ads
--Call insurance agent about insurance question
--Talk to bank about reimbursing for invoices
--Discuss with contractor the cost for gas lines for oxygen tanks
--Find out why the treatment table isn't in the plans for cabinetry
--Compare quotes on computer equipment
--Email pictures to web designer
--Stop whining and just do it

That last one seems to end up on every daily list. The lists are long, and while each item always looks like it will only take a few moments, almost none of them ever do.

Yet, the clinic moves forward, each day sees new things up and ready to go.

P.S. We had a fun time watching the first quarter of the Super Bowl. After that, the game wasn't as much fun. Go Bears! 2008 in Glendale!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Floor Plan

The floor plan that changed the world. It was hard to fit a 4000 square foot clinic in 2000 square feet, but we did it. You can't quite see the detail in this shot, but if you look close enough--and squint your eyes and perhaps take a shot of bourbon--you can see:
--a spacious reception area
--three exam rooms
--a large boarding room with lots of windows for cats to gaze out and people to gaze in
--an isolation room for sick and contagious cats
--a large central room with a room divider creating a pharmacy on one side and treatment room on the other
--a surgery with windows onto both the treatment room and the outside world
--x-ray room
--two offices
--and a cozy lounge complete with washer, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator.

There's a lot in there, but because we only treat cats, we could make the clinic a little cozier, a little more efficient, and a little nicer.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


This shot looks along the pharmacy wall towards the business center. On the left side of the central wall will be the treatment center including the dental sink and digital dental x-ray machine.

One of the reasons we chose this site for the clinic is the preponderance of windows and natural light. The treatment center will have natural light for most of the day, as will the boarding areas and the reception room. Even the surgery (just visible in the far left corner of this photo) will have natural light.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Reception desk

So the walls are going up after months and months of waiting. We actually missed the groundbreaking, as it were. The crew started work while we were in Orlando at the North American Veterinary Conference. We talked to the contractor on the phone and learned that the plumbing had gone in and the framing had started. We rushed straight to the clinic after our plane landed.

This is a photo looking out the front door of the clinic, over the reception desk. After much discussion and redesigning of the floor plans, we finally settled on a plan that creates a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for the clients, an efficient design for the doctors and staff, and a relaxing environment for the patients.