Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pharmacy and treatment area

Pharmacy and treatment area, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

More and more, medicine is becoming dominated by chemistry. You probably know this in your own home. Likely you or someone you know has some regular relationship with a pharmacy. Heck, they even made a whole new division of Medicare for this, and when the government gets involved, you know the trend is here to stay.

Things are no different in the animal world. We've invested a substantial amount of our funds in building up our lab and stocking our pharmacy. In this photo, you see our pharmacy and laboratory. That little bottle of alcohol on the counter: purely for medicinal purposes. Really.

Past this, on the left, you can see our digital dental x-ray machine. One of our most expensive pieces of equipment, the machine fills a gap too often overlooked in many veterinary practices. Many things can go wrong for a cat when their teeth start to go. Having a digital dental x-ray machine allows us to catch problems much earlier as well as providing more effective treatment. This machine, to put it simply, allows us to see the issue much more clearly. As a result, we can be more precise in our treatment of your pet.

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