Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pet Insurance

Tomorrow morning we'll be training the staff in aspects of pet insurance. We just sent out our newsletter where we posted lots of pet insurance facts, and now we want to arm the staff with lots of knowledge for our clients. In that most recent newsletter we recommended three companies that we thought were pretty good.

Since then, I've been more and more impressed with Embrace Pet Insurance. From the side of the veterinarian looking to find out more for her clients, they have been remarkably helpful, professional and exceptional. As a relatively new clinic, we haven't had much experience with clients using pet insurance, but if Embrace treats their clients as well as they've treated us in learning about their company, they'll be a tough company to beat.

For the record, we've also been pleased with our two other choices to recommend.

PetFirst Health Care, and PetPlan Pet Insurance. Petplan has the added benefit of being endorsed by Scott's veterinary hero (what, you don't have a veterinary hero?) Dr. Ernie Ward.

Scott would like to add that his wife is his first veterinary hero, but Ernie comes in a close second (what, a guy can't have two veterinary heroes?).