Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More on CatBlogging

For more on cat blogging, check out The New York Times and their explanation of the phenomenon.

Cat Blogging

We bumped across this post on catblogging at Small Biz Trends. While I'm not so sure that what we are doing constitutes cat blogging, we certainly have no qualms about posting pictures of our cats. Our resident cats are Jasper and Margie, whom we picked up via Kitty S.O.S.

Jasper is the more outgoing of the two, although as a client, you'll likely never see him. Both he and Margie keep to the back side of the clinic, hanging out in the office and sometimes the lounge. But Jasper has been known to creep out to the front until someone notices him--then he darts back into the office. His favorite game is to distract the techs and then sneak into the x-ray room and hide under the machines. When we first moved in, this backfired on Jasper and he spent a whole afternoon trapped in the x-ray room. We didn't find him until it was time to close up.

Margie is the quiet queen of the clinic. Rarely does she come down from her throne during the daytime. She quietly sleeps away in her loft, looking out on Miller Rd, nodding as various people pass in and out of the office. One would think she stays in her loft 24 hours a day, but we find tell-tale fur throughout the office in the mornings.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Help Wanted

We are expanding rapidly. Although we expected to hire a technician within a few months after opening, we didn't anticipate needing one so soon. This is good news, of course, for it means that you, our clients, are excited and pleased with the clinic. It also means we now have to search for a new employee. So if you know anyone the field, get in a resume, stop by the clinic, let us know about you.


Full-time veterinary technician needed for rapidly expanding all-cat clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We practice high-quality medicine including laser surgery and digital dental x-ray. We are looking for a technician with excellent communication skills and the desire to learn. We are committed to providing excellent care for our patients and providing an exceptional work environment for our employees. Benefits include health insurance, vacation and sick pay, continuing education, discount veterinary services.

Duties will include customer relations, assistance with surgery and treatment, patient care, some inventory management, and general upkeep of the clinic. Working hours will include Saturday mornings and boarding care on some Sundays and holidays.

Ideal candidate will have experience and demonstrated ability to handle cats.

Work in Downtown Scottsdale and be within walking distance of the Civic Center, Library, Old Town and the Arts District.

Please mail your resume to:
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
4002 N. Miller Rd, ste 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Or fax your resume to 480-970-5905

Or email your resume to: info _at_ scottsdalecatclinic _dot_ com

Our Mission Statement

We will provide our patients with high quality diagnosis and treatment.
We will give them a caring low-stress environment.
We have a dedication to continuing education of our staff.

We respect their time and emotions.
We charge a fair price that enables clinic to provide good service and medicine.

Our employees will feel empowered and qualified to provide good medicine and service.
They will receive pay and benefits to enable a good quality of life.
We will be honest caring and good-humored with each other and with our clients and associates.

We will assist in adoption of cats.
We will minimize impact on environment.
We will contribute to the local small business community.
We will raise awareness of proper home care and veterinary care of cats.