Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cat Blogging

We bumped across this post on catblogging at Small Biz Trends. While I'm not so sure that what we are doing constitutes cat blogging, we certainly have no qualms about posting pictures of our cats. Our resident cats are Jasper and Margie, whom we picked up via Kitty S.O.S.

Jasper is the more outgoing of the two, although as a client, you'll likely never see him. Both he and Margie keep to the back side of the clinic, hanging out in the office and sometimes the lounge. But Jasper has been known to creep out to the front until someone notices him--then he darts back into the office. His favorite game is to distract the techs and then sneak into the x-ray room and hide under the machines. When we first moved in, this backfired on Jasper and he spent a whole afternoon trapped in the x-ray room. We didn't find him until it was time to close up.

Margie is the quiet queen of the clinic. Rarely does she come down from her throne during the daytime. She quietly sleeps away in her loft, looking out on Miller Rd, nodding as various people pass in and out of the office. One would think she stays in her loft 24 hours a day, but we find tell-tale fur throughout the office in the mornings.