Thursday, March 29, 2007


Reception, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

As you can see from the following series of pictures, we are very close to full strength at the clinic. That healthy gap between postings was filled with computer training, stocking, cleaning, and building lots and lots of furniture. May the gods smile on you, Ikea.

When you arrive at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we hope you feel as welcomed as if you were arriving at a close friend's home. Bringing your cat to the veterinarian shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be a ritual, a visitation, a chance for renewal. Maybe it can't be all those things, but it should be rewarding and special. Under the best of circumstances, you might only see us a couple of times a year. We want those moments to be memorable for you as well as productive for your cat.

Reception and consultation

Reception and consultation, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

Here you can see the northern half of the reception room, complete with food displays and the children's play area. With the youngest member of the Scottsdale Cat Clinic team still under three, you can see where our sympathies are. We've dealt with the impatient toddler enough to know that even a small gesture helps immensely. We want our clients to feel comfortable bringing their children to our clinic. Going to the vet can be scary for everyone, not just the felines. Sometimes it's nice to have as many friends and relatives as possible.

Through the door on the right is the consultation room. Here you can discuss with Dr. Karnia the various options when your pet has more serious concerns. Exam rooms are built for efficiency. This room is built for thought and reflection.

Pharmacy and treatment area

Pharmacy and treatment area, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

More and more, medicine is becoming dominated by chemistry. You probably know this in your own home. Likely you or someone you know has some regular relationship with a pharmacy. Heck, they even made a whole new division of Medicare for this, and when the government gets involved, you know the trend is here to stay.

Things are no different in the animal world. We've invested a substantial amount of our funds in building up our lab and stocking our pharmacy. In this photo, you see our pharmacy and laboratory. That little bottle of alcohol on the counter: purely for medicinal purposes. Really.

Past this, on the left, you can see our digital dental x-ray machine. One of our most expensive pieces of equipment, the machine fills a gap too often overlooked in many veterinary practices. Many things can go wrong for a cat when their teeth start to go. Having a digital dental x-ray machine allows us to catch problems much earlier as well as providing more effective treatment. This machine, to put it simply, allows us to see the issue much more clearly. As a result, we can be more precise in our treatment of your pet.

Boarding in comfort

Boarding in comfort, originally uploaded by cieuxautres.

And for the guests of honor, exceptional accomodations. This is a photo of our boarding suite, currently filled with two of our first boarders. In addition to this luxurious suite, we also have traditional boarding cages, some with views of the comings and goings of our clinic, and some shielded from prying eyes for those shy kitties.

No one likes to be away from their pet, but sometimes we have to be gone for a few days. During those times, you can take comfort in knowing your cat is under the care of a veterinarian, in the comfort of clinic where no dogs will spook or startle your pet. No one knows your cat as well as you do, but your veterinarian certainly comes close.

While your cats are boarding with us, we can also perform some routine care for them. We can do teeth cleanings, give them vaccinations that they need, trim their nails, and take care of a variety of other procedures.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


The cabinetry arrives and starts to go in.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Dr. Karnia has been spending lots and lots of time entering codes for procedures and drugs in our practice management software. Nightly she sits by the fire, the warm glow of the flames blending with the cool blue of the Macintosh screen, patiently entering numbers for saline solution, thyroidectimies, and lines and lines of other things I probably can't spell or even pronounce.

More boxes arrive at our house. Yesterday, we received a microscope, which prompted Dr. Karnia to call up a supplier to get some more stuff for said microscope.

Friday, March 2, 2007

One wall, two wall, bare wall, hued wall

While not as profound as the floor (see below) we are very thrilled with our walls. The lady has some clothes on now. She doesn't look quite so bare. Cabinetry starts going in over the weekend. Lots and lots of cabinetry. This wall will be covered in shelves and doors and little nooks and niches in which to put bits and pieces of amoxicillin and shots for rabies. (That sort of sounded like Dr. Suess, if he were a pharmacist.)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

From the Bottom Up

Perhaps these events are not as exciting to the average client as to the owner, but we feel a flush of passion when we see these newly stained floors. If the clinic up to now has been a charcoal sketch, it now has the first taste of color. We walked around on the newly tinted concrete, strangely satisfied to see these floors new again. The moment felt even more profound than when the walls first went vertical. This will be our foundation, the base from which all else happens. Our feet are now firmly planted in Scottsdale. We have our very own set of concrete shoes.