Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elvis, The Cat, Is Reunited With His Family After 3 Months

Today, what we thought would be a routine appointment at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic turned into nothing of the sort. A young boy and his father brought in their little kitty. They had named her Tabby. The name was fitting since she was an adorable young brown and black striped tabby cat.

Tracy, the veterinary technician, checked the three in for their appointment, and after asking a few routine questions, learned Tabby had been a stray they had recently invited into their home. Tabby had been living with them for a few weeks already. She scanned Tabby using our microchip scanner and sure enough, Tabby had been chipped. Microchips are injected, similar to a vaccine, under the skin and are about the size of a grain of rice.

After making just a few phone calls, we reached Tabby's original owners. They were shocked at the news they were receiving since Tabby had been missing for over 3 months AND was from Cave Creek. She was found in South Scottsdale!

Tabby's name turned out to be Elvis and she was a boy. Although Elvis was an indoor cat, his parents had been getting ready to leave on a trip and they think he snuck out the door. They searched for hours and even came home from their trip early to look. After so much time had passed and living in the desert, the odds were low and they'd given up hope.

Today was a joyous time and thanks to the microchip Elvis received years earlier, he was reunited with his loving family.

~ Studies say one in three pets will become lost during it's lifetime. According to the American Humane Association, only about 2% of lost cats ever find their way home again. Almost four million pets are euthanized every year because their owners cannot be found in time.

We urge you to microchip your pet today. Please contact us with any questions at (480) 970-1175 or email us at . We currently implant the HomeAgain microchip and can help you keep your pet safe.

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