Monday, June 8, 2009

Donate Food in the Month of June

Just a small food donation can help save a life....

With the current state of the economy, animal abandonment at an all time high, and kitten season upon us, we'd like to encourage you to bring any food donations you can spare to the Scottsdale Cat Clinic.

*Kitten formula, milk replacement and kitten food would be greatly appreciated, but any food donation will help.

We will donate all of the food to Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, a non-profit group of real estate professionals who rescue pets left behind due to foreclosures or other financial hardship. These wonderful people saw the rising demand for someone to step forward and take care of these animals left behind.

On top of rescuing abandoned animals, Lost Our Home Pet Foundation also provides the Pet Pantry to help families provide food for their pets when they can barely afford food for themselves.

Cyndy Bord is in charge of the pet pantry. The food bank helps keep pets with their families and out of over-crowded animal shelters.

"Whatever they might need to help keep their pet -- that's why we started the food bank," said Bord. "For a lot of people, pets are their family and they want to be able to keep them. But, when they can't afford to buy food for themselves what's the first thing they're going do? They're going to let their pets go or abandon them," added Bord.

Currently, Bord said the pet food bank helps between six and ten families a month and she expects the numbers to go up this summer. Hard times have hit some of us harder than others. If you are one of the more fortunate during this time, please consider helping out the pets of those who are struggling.

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