Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Online Resources to Return Lost Pets

Have you noticed a new kitty in your neighborhood that you think might be lost? There are some new online tools to help find out if the kitty has a microchip and if that chip is registered. Most veterinary clinics - including Scottsdale Cat Clinic - will check for microchips for free.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) unveiled their new interactive website this past September: There is also another website called which was up in its Beta version in August.

To view the full article about this new service, visit The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association

Even if your kitties are strictly indoor, we recommend having a microchip put in. It only takes a moment for your baby to slip outdoors and the chip will help see that she gets home to you. According to the organization Bring Pets Home 8-12 million pets wind up in shelters. Most shelters are equipped with chip readers, and do make every effort to get lost pets home.

Although the microchip is not a "Lo Jack for Kitties", chipped cats have a much higher chance of being returned to their owners. Here at Scottsdale Cat Clinic, we use the HomeAgain microchip which has a wonderful network of fellow pet owners to alert if someone gets lost.

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