Monday, December 7, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Meet Fiona, our most recent "very over sized" rescue kitty. Brought to us by the Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue, Fiona was very obese and experiencing health complications due to her size alone. She couldn't groom herself which led to infection and she also had a history of urinary tract issues.

You probably never met or saw Fiona during her time here at the clinic. Her size and health complications required close monitoring and we didn't feel she was considered adoptable until she lost weight. She stayed in our boarding area while we worked on her special prescription diet and jazzercise routine. As the weeks went by, we started to slowly but surely see results as she lost weight and started feeling better. She started to interact with the staff regularly and spent more time 'trying' to groom herself anyway.

The Thanksgiving holiday was fast approaching and as our boarding area started to fill up with other kitties, we discussed where Fiona would stay. She was used to having full roam of the boarding area and we wanted to keep her physically active over the long weekend. Tracy, one of our dedicated veterinary technicians, was kind enough to offer to bring Fiona home with her for the holidays. Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue was happy to approve the request and Fiona was off to her new temporary placement. At home Tracy also had a 70 pound German Shepard, two other kitties and a son. It would be a good test since no one knew how Fiona would respond to other animals and children.

It didn't take long before Leo, Mrs. Meow Meow, Snickers and Tracy's son, Frankie, were all smitten with rolly polly Fiona and getting along famously. As the next week passed we started wondering when Fiona would come back to the clinic to be placed for adoption. Needless to say, Fiona had already found her new forever home and wouldn't be coming back. She couldn't be in better hands and is continuing to lose weight as she plays all day with her new brothers and sisters! Fiona has adjusted very quickly and is a happy kitty to have found a home for the holidays!

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