Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do You Have Questions About Your Cat's Health? Check Out PetDocsOnCall and MedHelp

Two new pet community forums are now available for pet owners seeking good quality advice from knowledgeable professionals!

PetDocsOnCall and MedHelp allow pet owners to ask questions of veterinarians and select animal professionals. These two websites are becoming increasingly popular in these tough economic times. MedHelp has been online since 1996 and is the largest medical community forum online. Their pet section is about 2 years old. PetDocsOnCall began in March of 2009.

PetDocOnCall and MedHelp want to help you fully understand the medical and behavioral aspects of your pet's life. If you are looking for help with a sick cat, info on pet symptoms, or want to ask a vet a question, then this is the right place.

Pet owners should look to the true pet professionals for accurate and trustwo
rthy information. These two sites have actual veterinarians available to answer questions for a small fee.

Our own, Dr. Judy Karnia, at the Scottsdale Cat Clinic is currently one of the member veterinarians of PDOC and MedHelp. She began volunteering her expertise with them in their early stages and responds to feline relate
d questions. The two sites have the largest gathering of veterinarians available on the internet and all of the DVMs are volunteers and members of the esteemed Veterinary News Network. (www.MyVNN.com) PetDocsOnCall has more than 80 veterinarians currently on staff. Of those, about 30 also help at MedHelp.org.

Both websites offer a place where you can receive medical advice, share stories, photos, and even videos about your favorite pets. At the same time, you will learn so much - from others and from the medical staff. You can meet new friends, show off your dog's new tricks, or find interesting fun facts about all sorts of animals.

Check out PetDocsOnCall.com and MedHelp.org today and maybe you'll hear back from our Dr. Karnia!

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