Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is Your Pet Considered a Member of the Family?

A new survey reveals the strong bond between people and their pets.

Did you ever wonder if you were the only one that spoiled your pet, sang to them or talked to them in a 'special' voice? Don't be embarrassed. The Pet Owner Survey indicates 87% include Fido and Fluffy in their holiday celebrations. Pet birthdays are an event in 67% of households (with pets). Of those, 11% throw a birthday pet bash, 43% wrap a gift for their pet (no comments on what a lizard or fish gift may be), 41% play their pets' favorite game, and 45% are singing their pets' praises, belting out their renditions of "Happy Birthday." (The numbers add to more than 100% since owners may participate in more than one activity).

However, pet love isn't restricted to special occasions. According to the survey, an overwhelming 78% greet their pet at the door before their spouse or significant other. Of course, the pets themselves are in part responsible. After all, they dash to the door before even a track-star spouse can make it.

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