Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Case of the Week - Puddin'

Puddin' is an Exotic Short Hair, basically a short-hair Persian. When we first met him a year ago, he weighed less than one pound. He and his buddy Rafe had just been adopted into a new home and were brought in for a check-up. They both had the typical Persian face, but Puddin's nose was very small and he had some difficulty breathing through it. Dr. Karnia talked to his new mom about a procedure that could be done when he was older to help him breathe more easily. Both kittens thrived and grew well, but Puddin' was always less active and his mom could hear him breathing from across the room.

When Puddin' was close to a year old, he came into the clinic to have surgery on his nose. After he was anesthetized, Dr. Karnia used the surgical laser to cut away a small piece on either side of his nose. The amount of tissue removed was only a few millimeters wide but was enough to open up his nasal openings. The laser seals all nerves and blood vessels as it cuts so that there is no bleeding and very little discomfort. The day after surgery, his mom reported that he was active and eating well and breathing much better.

Two months later, Puddin' was in the clinic for his Rabies vaccine and physical exam. His mom now calls him "my crazy cat". She says he is so much more active than he was before, and she can't hear him breathing at all anymore. His nose has healed very well and looks great.

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